Kansas kid corrects anti-drug teacher, cops raid his house




I think this needs to be re-tagged. “Education” and “Kansas” obviously don’t go together. Maybe something like “re-education camp”…


A report by The Human Solution International notes that officers found 2 ounces of cannabis and an ounce of cannabis oil during the raid.

I believe this shold be *. . . officers “found” 2 ounces of cannabis . . . *


That’ll teach the kid to correct his betters. /sarcasm

Such an obvious comment that I feel blech even making it.


Well, morality-policing is kind of what we do in Kansas now- from making sure all those scammers stop using their SNAP benefits on cruises (like you do) to trying to starve out the poors to making sure trans and gay people “know their place”… this is almost not news here. This state loves to wield DCF as a whip, too.


Gov. Brownstain’s Kansas is not Dorthy’s Kansas…


So that must be the much flaunted superior freedom of speech in the US.

I’ll take the regular free speech of western Europe then, seems better without all the american additives (overreacting crazy government/admin. officials, war on drugs/terror/science/everything).


I’m sure it was originally there - it sounds like she uses it to treat her Chrohn’s disease.

I’m sure it wasn’t about any corrections he made - he probably let slip that his mother used it to treat a medical condition. The school, now knowing that a child lived in a house with “illegal drugs,” probably didn’t have any choice but to call the police, thus starting off this fiasco.


I have no personal interest in pot, but here’s another fine example of why it should be legalized.


Kansas law-enforcement (not to mention that of other states) reminds me of certain rulings from the current Supreme Court: all seem to operate from the assumption that power means the ability to be arbitrary, capricious, and inegalitarian; power that expresses itself some other way isn’t really power and hence isn’t worth expressing.


More proof that the J destroys lives! Really it’s not so much a police state, as an open air prison. Mouth off to the guards, this is what you get.


Exactly. What is sickening is how many people like it that way.


But, but, but, according to Federal law Marijuana, “has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” Surely, if this was wrong the President and his underlings would’ve changed it long ago.


Apparently! I am astonished that more families don’t black bag “officials” for attacking them like this.


We might get that someday in the US…just not sure when.


So, we can add this story to the pile labeled “evidence that the war on drugs has destroyed more families than drugs themselves ever have or will…”


Don’t mess with Kansas !!!


The judge could also say that there’s no point in proceeding with the prosecution, given that the drug will soon be legalised?


Video shot by the mom here.



You have to consider what would have happened if the kid got into that cannabis oil accidentally. He could end up taking an interest in the liberal arts or baroque music.