A Cup of Coffee (1980) Mormon anti-coffee short


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Bringing a cup of coffee to “Mrs. Olson”. . . ?

Better make sure it’s “mountain grown.”


Having grown up Mormon, this YouTube channel brings back some cringeworthy memories.


This is the final straw. I can’t do this any longer.


paging @slybevel how good / awful is this one compared to the others you had to watch?


I’m surprised she didn’t have Nels get her coffee for her.


Funny…when my adult kids swing by the house, they laugh and gag at the pot of Folgers that’s been stewing away all morning. I always tell them that there are caffeine-deprived Mormon children out in Utah who would love to have some of that caustic shit. Spoiled brats.


Oh wow. This is just like sitting in Teachers’ Quorum and watching the old filmstrips. The Church had dozens of them at the time, complete with the little one-frame-at-a-time projectors, and a “BEEP” when it was time to turn the frame.

They clearly videoed it to add the ASL.

“I thought she was such a good member of the church!”

This one wasn’t that great. The filmstrips were getting a little long in the tooth by my time.

“Cipher in the Snow” was shown to us a lot, and others like Saturday’s Warrior.


Golly, those wise, gentle older immigrant women always seem to know how to find the best tasting stuff.


… isn’t that dude the guy from 7th Heaven?


Well the northern europeans loooooove their coffee though why they like folgers boggles me. As annoying as a Starbucks on every corner is, that is what coffee pretty much was till they came along.


Sure looks like him.


So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person, dedicated to your work, faithful churchgoer…pouring yourself a cup of coffee is enough to make two children no longer have any respect for you?

Great to know where the priorities lie in that religion.


So, my dude sometimes calls me “Mahana” because of the video about Johnny Lingo. I’m going to have to surprise him with that youtube channel, because I feel like his recaps can’t possibly do justice to the vintage videography.

Maybe we can watch it over a cup of coffee. :slightly_smiling: I’d say coffee & cigarettes, but we quit the cancer sticks last year :smiley:


It’s even worse. Think about the implications of the story. Having an addiction is bad. Enabling someone else’s addiction is totally okay.


It seems like this is a great opportunity for her to lecture Mrs. Olson about her coffee habit, instead of indulging that infidel. She can’t escape with that broken ankle!


Good point!


I was not aware that northern Europeans actually did like Folgers (or were you joking?) It’s an American brand, actually started by a guy from a New England whaling family who moved to California and figured he could make money selling pre-ground coffee to gold miners, who typically ground their own beans by mashing them in a cast iron pan and boiling the resulting mess over a fire.

Most ground/canned coffees are cheap Robusta beans, not Arabica, but surprisingly Robusta beans taste incredible when cold-brewed (since they are naturally bitter, cold brewing avoids more bitterness)-- if not for the percolator I’d say Mrs. Olson actually was making a good cup of coffee.

This should probably be a separate topic on bbs if anyone wants to continue the line of conversation.


We had to watch CitS in junior high, and we weren’t even Mormon. Early eighties South Dakota.

I think our general reaction was “wut?”