Mormon missionaries share awful pickup lines before homeowner opens door


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Wait… is Mountain Dew supposed to be orange flavored? TIL.



I will give them credit for the celestial / terrestrial line. That one works good for close encounters of the 4th kind!


Given that Mormons abstain from caffeine, these two may have never tasted a drop of Mountain Dew.


Meh, seems like pretty tame teenage shenanigans if you ask me.


They abstain from coffee and tea specifically, not caffeine in general. Soda on the other hand is practically guzzled.


I just feel sorry for these two.




I understand perfectly why religious fundies use sex-starved teenaged boys as cannon fodder but will never get why the Mormon Church think they’re also useful as proselytisers.


Can we also forward film of Jehovah’s Witnesses?


If I want to listen to old people complaining to each-other about their ailments I can visit the local senior citizens home.

It must have been wild for someone living in L.A. in the 1970s and 1980s to answer the door and find Michael Jackson standing there, though.


Actually yes, mountain dew is ostensibly orange flavored.


My sister calls this the “Organ Recital!”


Missions and pilgrimages of any stripe can useful tools to religions. Being in an unfamiliar place and immersed in a strict schedule of religious study with no distractions can have a profound and long lasting psychological effect.

I suspect that that the leadership understands this very well.


It’s certainly not the usual format for Flirty Fishing.


At least these ones seemed like regular people goofing around, not brainwashed fanatics. I think that may count as positive propaganda in some ways.


It is like watching wildlife hidden footage.


Awful pickup lines or social engineering?


Up until at least 2012 it depended on who you asked. That’s when the church officially ruled/clarified that caffeine was not prohibited. And even then BYU maintained a caffeine free campus until 2017.


Technically “Concentrated Orange Juice” is the 3rd ingredient of Mt. Dew. After Water and HFCS