Cats are irresistibly drawn to circles



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Maybe it’s something along the lines of the ‘Dog/Ball’ thing.




Wonder if a cat would occupy the center of a pentagon, and if this is the genesis of the idea that you can bind a demon that way.


Did you ever try to bind a cat?


Apparently doesn’t like their images linked here.

Preston Sturges kindly supplies a copy from a different source, below.


Reminds me of how Andrew David Thaler keeps his bunnies “confined” – puts a rug in the middle of a hardwood floor (they never leave it)


Don’t you see? It’s the only safety from the Hounds of Tindalos!


Well, if you draw a circle and the cat is irresistibly drawn to it, that’s a sort of biding.


Was wondering how those scissors worked…
Finally saw the handles in one of the other shots:


The hounds of Tindalos hungrily bark
The shoggots are coming, they glow in the dark
They roll in for the kill, leaving slimy mark
There’s a battle outside and it’s raining
The windows are shaking, the havoc is stark
And the shapes, they are a-changin’…

(I promise to record and youtube-post it one day.)


My God! The scissors were also attracted to that circle! Does it follow that… scissors are a kind of cat?


Awwww… bunnies!


That, Sir, is a heptagon. It probably summoned the cat (and hopefully bound it).


Never seen an attraction to circles, but I’ve got a cat that insists on climbing into any new box that’s brought into the house, no matter the size. Whenever something’s delivered, once the box has been opened (and sometimes before it’s even emptied) it’s going to be occupied, even if it means an uncomfortable position with most of the cat hanging over the edge of a tiny box, and it’ll stay that way for hours.


i don’t see what’s so hard to understand. it follows the feline rule of, “if i fits, i sits.”




Mine doesn’t seem to care about circles or empty boxes…but put an empty suitcase out and it’s a different story


Fitting is not actually required.