Square cat traps work as well as circular ones


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This seems cruel to the untamed eye.



I don’t believe the particular geometry is relevant. I hypothesize irregular cat traps would be just as effective.


Knowing my cats they would go well that is litterbox shaped. Here have a present.




Cats will sit on anything I’ve been paying noticeable attention to. I could tape a paisley shape on the floor and they’d probably sit on it because I was on the floor carefully looking at & touching it, and now they have to see if it’s interesting, and if it isn’t they want to divert my attention to their lovely selves.


My kitties looked at me like I was nuts when I tried the circle trap.


It’s weird that no one has tried a pentagram, or if they have, they weren’t able to upload the video afterward for some reason


I think I’ll add a nice red square to my doorway demon trap tonight.
Just in case.


It’s the black candles and bowls of sheep entrails that do it. Every time.



I wanted to see more fascinating footage of the guy putting tape on his floor.


My entire apartment is 11" square tiles. There is one area where a concrete wall was removed, leaving a 6" wide line across the floor. My cat Ruby is always careful to sit on this line.


I’m pretty sure that’s how a mage says “hold my beer and watch this”…


So the same reaction they have to everything we humans do…


My first thought was this old Threadless tee, but actually, someone has:


You’re gonna need a bigger trap.


The trick is to create the shape before the cat can exit it.


Have you considered some sort of tape maze?