Cat escapes from polygon taped to the floor


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“Doubtless we cannot see that other higher Spaceland now, because we have no eye in our stomachs.”


I love how cats respond to tape rolled into a cylinder sticky side out, patting it and going “Ew!” I always feel like it’s kind of mean, though. :crying_cat_face:


That’s like a one on the cruelty scale. I did worse things to my little sister when I was nine.


Is the tape thing supposed to work? I tried it on all three of mine, and they couldn’t even be bothered to sneer at me.


Fake - I’ve seen Supernatural - the demon cat has to have someone break the tape first.


Usually when an entity escapes a polygon inscribed in the ground mayhem is sure to follow.


I count 6 jump cuts. Cat walks away; cat gets put back in polygon. (Repeat 6 times.)


I’m gonna have to try this…


I feel guilty when it sticks to a paw, and she tries to shake it off. LMAO, but a guilty LMAO.

The tape around a new pair of Gold Toe socks worked pretty well. (I’m SUCH a snappy dresser.)


An experienced demonologist would use a single length of tape, folded at the corners and doubled down on the last length. If that rule had been followed, the monster never could have escaped!


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