WATCH: Cat's unusual reaction to the sound of packing tape



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With a simple bowl of milk, this cat could be employed to find those almost invisible stuck down ends of packing tape which can now be encouraged to leap off the spool.


I had a job once where I was required occasionally to use a carbide bladed chop saw on various pieces of metal that had to be cut to length.

Every time I made a cut, I could feel the back of my throat closing up as if I were inhaling noxious fumes, even though I deliberately held my breath while cutting.


Ions. Yum!


(Tangentially speaking of cat reactions), I once tried to do my best Louis Armstrong impersonation and did a deep gravelly growl of “Ooooooooooh, what a wonderful world” and creeped my cat the fuck out!


I really want to know WHY aaggh


I think your username says it all - that’s exactly what I intended to say.


It’s not the sound he’s reacting to, it’s the x-rays.


Not sure if you’re being serious; like it says, that only works in a vacuum. I guess it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it could produce ions, as @FoolishOwl suggests, but it seems those would be unlikely to travel across the room fast enough.

One useful experiment would be to see if the cat still reacts to a recording of the sound.


It’s not really a fair test. I was waiting for the long gap to establish the correlation properly. Also, we can’t see what the cat’s looking at, so I’m not convinced it’s the sound making the cat do it. More and better evidence needed.


I sometimes ask myself if cats are the species with the highest “weird behaviour per capita” rate in the animal kingdom or just the one that´s most thoroughly documented.


Probably was actually disgusted about being filmed in portrait format.


The part I love about these videos is hearing the owners TRY to contain their laughter. They can’t.


Really? Is he tasting the sound? Go home cat, you be trippin too hard.


goddammit the portrait mode snobs really grind my gears.


Imagine if cats could make videos of us humans.


I strongly suspect this is just a video of a cat being derpy with its tongue, overlaid with foley of packing tape at the appropriate times to make it seem as though the cat is responding.


I am sure you enjoy reading the New York Times on Ticker Tape.


Well aren’t you the life of the party.


Why yes, i forgot video was consumed in the exact same manner as text. Give me a break.