Cat licks air when paper crinkles

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maybe it a similar reaction when some sounds make our hair stand on end.

We had a cat that did this when we scratched him near the base of his tail. Our other cats just freak out when we do that.

I hope it’s nothing to do with this:

ASMR cat :3


Have we forgotten already?

I guess this decreases the likelihood of the reaction being due to X-rays or odors or some such non-auditory phenomena.

It looks like a nervous reaction to the noise. Our cat totally freaks out when she hears a rustling plastic bag.

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Mine does the same thing. It was fantastic when I had itchy bug bites on my leg and it could be prompted to scratch-lick them for me with a little tail-scritch.


it looks almost like a gag response to me


oh! oh! I know this one. He’s smelling it!

It’s called the Flehmen Response

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I have a cat that handles the task of making the crinkling noise on its own… any kind of crinkly plastic bag or wrapper that is accidentally left lying around (or in easy reach at the top of the garbage pail) is going to be dragged around and chewed on constantly. Wonder if it’s a related reaction.

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