Elusive cat interrupts Miami Marlins baseball game


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Now I’m kind of sorry I quit watching, but with the score the way it was the end looked like a forgone conclusion.


The cat hit a grand slam to win it for the home team!


Poor thing looked terrified. Hope it’s OK


Yeah. Panting can happen in cats but he looked stressed out.


All cats are grey in the dark park.


Yeah, this video wasn’t as fun to watch as I was led to believe.

The first part i was cheering as Kitty skillfully evaded the stupid humans and climbed the video wall like a boss. Then we got closeups of it all panting and stressed, and I stopped cheering.

I hope it found someplace quiet where it could chill and recover from what must have been a quite awful experience.


Oh, the Marlins aren’t that bad.


Maybe he just smelled popcorn.


I will say this is the most I’ve been excited about baseball in forever.


I saw our office cat flehming “at” me a while back. Until flehming was explained to me, I thought our little Eddie was about to go postal.


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