WATCH: Cat's unusual reaction to the sound of packing tape

I’d bet that the sound is roughly equivalent to what the cat hears with their raspy tongue, sometimes.

If only they had held the camera the correct way for shooting video, we might have been able to the the cat and the tape at the same time.


I just prefer to find my bliss in places other than ignorance is all.

So, funny story… I did some research on cold fusion as an undergrad and met with some scientists who were trying to replicate cold fusion experiments for peer review.

One way to detect if fusion has taken place is to look for the microscopic dents and trails that energetic particles leave in film or sheets of plastic. This professor replicated the cold fusion experiment, and sure enough, there were these undeniable pits in the sheet plastic detector he used to look for the emitted particles.

But it was something about how he kept these sheets of plastic that seemed off. He’d peel them apart from a stack – krrrrrrrrrrzzzztttttt. Not at all dissimilar from packing tape peeling off a roll.

I’m 100% sure now that peeling layers of plastic emit x-rays or other high energy particles without a vacuum. I’ve got a similar degree of confidence that cold fusion isn’t real.

Cats have an extra smell receptor in the roof of their mouth. They will extend their tongue to funnel scents to this organ. The receptor is used for very certain scents, and possibly either the smell given off by tape peeling or the sound associated with it may be making the cat do this


So the cat is an x-ray detector?


That is awesome, i did not know that. Thanks!


Take your complaints to Youtube. They are tiresome and boring and repetitive and useless and not at all clever here.

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It’s called the Flehmen response and looks like this when a tiger does it…

my hero!

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