Cats puking to techno

Video Link. “It’s gross when cats puke up hairballs but its cool when they do it to some techno music.” oonsk oonsk oonsk oonsk BLEARGHHHHHH KOFF GAG. (thanks, Joe Sabia) READ THE REST

That’s awfully close to how I used to dance to techno back in the day…


That was a pretty good laugh, thanks.

It’s got a good beat and you can puke to it.


Ironic how they’re using Deadmau5 as the soundtrack.


That sounds like electro-house to me.


Technically that’s not ironic. It’s fitting. #alanisironic


buddy knows his cat-puke porn.

tease, tease, tease, tease…

BAM! money shot.

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That sounds like computers solving math problems at each other to me.

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Like most porn these days . . . only a token amount of hair.

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Whatever that, that noise is, it is not techno.

Proper techno is the sound of machines in love. And yelling at you about it. Regardez-la…

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Techno purists complaining about other music being noise, that´s a new one.


Haha. I can complain about other music too.

No irony, but the song in question is Deadmaus’ Ghosts and Stuff -

Do I want to know why these people felt it was important/ useful/ interesting to film their cats puking?

This guy was unavailable to puke the day that they were filming.

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You have destroyed me with irony. And not the Alanis kind either.

Is this what techno has come to?

That was very awesome and hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh.