This strikes me as really sad. Stupid people who don’t spay or neuter their pets and then abandon them. It’s not an easy life out there for the feral or stray.


My thoughts. Hiding in the drain? Feral house cats in the making, perhaps not even the first generation. Best to catch them early and release them spayed, if they can’t get tamed.


Yep. I just took one in. Nicer than my house cats, actually, although it took a while.


I was at the vet last Thursday and they had a very young stray kitten (thankfully not feral, went well with humans) and , wow, they are cute.

But we can’t take in another cat - one of ours just tolerates her sister and that’s it. :-/

The SPCA has cage traps to loan out for exactly this. Borrow one (or more) and take the trapped cats in for spaying & shots & adoption. Last time I trapped a stray kitten we took it in and asked if we could keep tabs on it in case no one adopted it; the workers laughed at the notion that a healthy cute kitten would remain there unadopted for more than a day or two.


Kinda look like a gang of street toughs to me.

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