Cat poses next to its own "missing cat" poster

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Cat’s don’t really go missing so much as they exploit another food source.


yup, our cat Reavy moved over several houses to a cat lady’s house, for at least a year and changed his name to Wendell. I think he got a better deal, but he probably didn’t like our camping weekends where we left for several days at a time (we always got the cold shoulder on return).

But then one day the cat lady took him to a vet who noticed the ear tattoo # and got in touch with us.
So he came back, but of his own accord. We couldn’t catch him and nearly walked away with their cat in the carrier (it was dark). Then a couple of days later my daughter said, “I see Reavy”, "Oh is he in the yard?, No he’s on the couch. "


Something similar happened in my neighborhood this spring. A cat went missing and the owner put fliers up all over the neighborhood. Then she saw the cat in a neighbors window. She accused the neighbor of stealing her and wrote her a creepy passive aggressive letter. The neighbor denied it. This went on for weeks until the accused neighbor returned home to see the missing cat sitting in the window! They believe the cat had been in the wrong house for weeks without the house’s occupants noticing! Now, everything has been cleared up.

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The cat wasn’t physically gone; it was emotionally unavailable.


Two kitties who used to live across the street from us left after a dog was brought in. One still goes back for food and shelter overnight when the dog has gone to sleep but otherwise is happy to get attention from the family 2 houses down.
The other has been 3 houses down and across the street and recently figured out I will give him a bit of kibble, but he won’t stay in the house.

You make a fine food source.

I got to ask: the neighbor never noticed random cat feces/urine in his or her house?!

Some cats are willing to share litterboxes. I’ve never seen it done, but most of the cats I’ve fed and sheltered were feral and didn’t understand the concept of litterboxes and instead just asked to be let out when they needed to do something.

It’s a fine arrangement. The one or two feral cats keep the property bird and rodent-free, I get to sleep through dawn after getting home from the night shift, and they get vaccinations and food.


Actually, I suspected as much but the thought of random cat poop makes me laugh.

I read your response to my litter box valet (husband) and he ensures me that he would have noticed the foreign feces. Maybe it’s time to help him out with this chore? :flushed:

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brian m cassidy must have a time machine.

It’d be mind blowing if…


I never got a litter box in the first place. All my cats have been feral, go where they please, and don’t generally get within arm’s reach. That suits me just fine. I don’t like the idea of toxoplasma gondii, and not having to touch them or their poop is the best way to avoid brain parasites.

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Heh when the wife was pregnant I asked the vet about that… the answer was just wash your hands afterwards and you probably get more toxo digging around in the garden than from the litter box.


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