Don"t take the brown acid!!!


That cat reminds me of Agrajag.


This cat is adorable! Really, tooth and all… I want to pet pumpkin’s fuzzy head. It’s kind of sad, too, though. Isn’t this sometimes a problem with purebred persians? Birth defects involving the jaw?

In other cat news, I’ve taught a cat to fetch. I think that might be one of my greatest accomplishments in life… I have a great kid, am working on a phd, and I have taught a cat to fetch.


Oh no, not again.


If you’re looking for even more underbite in black Persians, there’s Princess Monster Truck


Pumpkin? Massive fail! That cat’s name should clearly be Narwhal.


That critter is disturbingly ugly!


Yesterday was Caturday at the Chicago Tribune


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