Caught on film: a 12-year-old fires gun to show cashier he is serious about robbing her store

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Yeah, that’s bound to help.


Well-regulated militias are getting younger every day.


Hartford Police confirmed to News Channel 13 that the grandfather was unaware the child could access the safe.
I’m sorry, but never the less, the grandfather should be charged with negligence, at very least.

I’ve seen enough Lockpicking Lawyer videos to know that many gun safes are very poor security. Even if it’s better quality, the kid got in somehow.


There is basically no excuse for this ‘trying as an adult’ nonsense. It’s increasingly obvious how much ‘the cruelty is the point’ is the truth for our carceral system.


What is with this spate of shooting videos popping up on BB? Not wonderful; not even Mainly Wonderful.


No one under 18 should be “tried as an adult” that has to be the stupidest thing ever.

Are 20 year olds ever “tried as a juvenile?” of course not.

edit: already covered I see. Ranted before I read the thread.


Thanks for triggering the Carter USM Centre of my brain.

Better to get it off your chest. No matter what Hank claims.


May be tried as an adult.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that right now, being that the kid is White. Throw in cute looking, and… well…


If only a “good guy” with a gun to shoot this child, all would have been solved! (sarcasm)

Isn’t that the argument of the right?



This is it exactly. I’d like to interview the bastard that wants to do this. Maybe it’s part of some sick fantasy. It certainly has nothing to do with justice horror and pain. perhaps the prosecutor wants a video for his entertainment.

Trying a 12 year old boy as an adult will make him very popular in certain circles of the prison population. It’s stupidly sadistic. How the hell is a 12 year so soul dead at such a tender age. Its enough to make one weep for him and for our society that fostered this. So much life ahead of him that the right kind of response could salvage. He should still be wide-eyed at new experiences, new environments, new people but this? How the hell does it happen And what kind of sick mind thinks the rape of a young body and soul will be of any value to anyone. Rather than prison it would perhaps be kinder to simply execute him. He will come out of prison a complete menace to himself and everyone he contacts.


Would not assume he is soul dead. It’s possible that HE is in shock from the situation as well. Hence why he couldn’t explain his actions.


I wonder if all the “we need more good guys with guns” people would enjoy seeing this kid get shot by a good guy.

I mean do they draw the line at children?


You may be right, lets hope so. All the more reason to not try him as an adult. I prefer salvaging people not savaging them. But that’s less entertaining to some folks


This is the NRA’s wet dream - arm all the kids at school.

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I’m guessing that this kid hasn’t had an easy life and needs help much more than jail.

Plus, he’s fucking lucky that he didn’t kill someone.


Very good point. So many of the small ones are especially terrible. Like he says, it may keep out small child from getting into something, but not a curious adolescent.

I know there are ASTM standard for safes, but I don’t know what those standards are, nor if they are actually robust enough to stop a curious adolescent. (Nor if these safes he reviews are ASTM certified. I hope not!)


The link below is from, another thread that stuck with me. Particularly:

And, has been repeatedly pointed out, cruelty doesn’t protect the public:

Recidivism rates (3 years)

  • Germany: 35%
  • USA: 45%

Incarceration rates:

  • Germany: 69 per 100,000
  • USA: 639 per 100,000

Armed robbery and lives ruined for TikTok clicks.

Even if tried as an adult this kid won’t be in a “real” prison until he’s 18, at least in most states. And that would require him to be sentenced to over 6 years for this, which is a steep sentence.
Much of the impetus for this kind of charge is looking tough on crime-getting them young before they can do years and years of harm, or at least that’s the claim. Offering fuck all in terms of services to young offenders means that those years are just a way for the kid to learn how to be a better criminal when he does get out.