How old is young enough to be forgotten?

It was just yesterday I saw a post from a friend-of-a-friend on FB lamenting how woke culture is hurting people like Ellie Kemper, and wondering who hasn’t done stuff that’s “stupid and embarrassing” as a young kid of just 18-19 years old?

I’ll ELY5: It’s interesting to see that cops are willing to see kids of 12-14 as “evil,” even as they’ll give much older perpetrators (e.g. Brock Turner) as “kids” whose lives would be irreparably harmed by actually holding them to account.


Just watched this video, and it talks about how Black children are seen as more adult no matter what their age or situation.


Tangent, but trying kids as adults seems like the most unfair thing. They are too young to fully understand the crime, but if the crime is bad enough, f’em.

I think that if a court tries a 14 year old as an adult, the court recognizes that as the age of adulthood. The voting age immediately drops to 14. Ten year olds are adults? Fine, 10 year olds can vote.


Just so see how other countries do it: In Germany. Children under the age of 14 are never tried. They are always under age of criminal responsibility and can never be tried.
From 15 to 17 they are always subject to the laws of young offenders that demands lower sentences and even more focus on rehabilitation.
From 18 to 20 they can be tried as adults or young offenders depending on their degree of maturity (not the magnitude of the crime). In practice 90% of offenders 19 to 20 are charged as young offenders.

It counts how old they were when the crime was committed. So even very old people can be charged as juveniles which recently happened for guards in Nazi camps who were juveniles at the time of the crime and where tried very recently.

(I am not an expert in any of these topics for neither Germany nor the US and if anything I say is the same in the US I was not suggesting it was not)


For those who like some data with their opinions:

Recidivism rates (3 years)

  • Germany: 35%
  • USA: 45%

Incarceration rates:

  • Germany: 69 per 100,000
  • USA: 639 per 100,000

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