CDC chief Brenda Fitzgerald quits after outed for buying into a tobacco company


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For Chrissakes. This is cartoon-level villainy. The mind boggles.


Corruption in the Trump administration? Surely, you jest!


In summary… Not only is she a crook she’s an idiot!





Conflict of interest in the Trump administration? Surely, you jest!


The only thing that is saving America from a fascist totalitarian state is the complete incompetence of the so-called ‘swamp’ lead by swampthing #45. Congress sure as hell isn’t creating a check or balance to this slide.


She figured if the president could get away with it, it was reasonable she could as well. And why not? Most of the other blatantly corrupt Trump appointees have gotten away with it, and many were compromised before Trump even appointed them, so why would it be an issue?

It’s turtles corruption all the way down.


Tomorrow’s news:

Ex CDC chief Brenda Fitzgerald gets hired by Japan Tobacco as chief lobbyist because, well, connections.


C’mon, give her a break. Who could resist this guy’s pitch?



The next director will be the former CEO of Smith & Wesson. Hey, CDC can’t ask questions about guns any more, can they?


I really wish Trump had elaborated on his whole “drain the swamp” pitch. It would have made things clearer if he had outlined the whole development plan:

  1. Drain the swamp
  2. Fill with toxic waste
    a. profit from waste disposal
    b. eliminates all endangered & threatened species, clearing the way for #3
  3. Build luxury condos over superfund site
  4. Don’t pay contractors because they built over toxic dump & avoid lawsuits from sick/dying residents


I think they will rescind the gag order, so the new director can promote the health benefits of firearms ownership.




Everybody else’s tobacco is poisonous. Lucky Strike’s… is toasted.


Many decades ago I smoked. Lucky Strike cigarettes were the strongest cigarette I ever had and would sear my throat so severely if I inhaled straight in that I couldn’t feel any smoke in my esophagus for hours after that.


Really? I loved Lucky Strikes. Don’t smoke anymore either, but they were easily my second-favorite factory made cigarette. #1 being Djarum Specials (clove cigarettes that literally taste like bubblegum or christmas depending on your frame of mind.) I thought Lucky Strikes had a very mellow flavor and were particularly smooth for unfiltered cigarettes. I still used one of these to smoke them:

Granted I made my own cigarettes 99.5% of the time with the cheapest tobacco and tubes I could get from the corner shop. So, my reference was pretty harsh in the first place.