The EPA's own staff are aghast that Trump is bringing back asbestos


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I really think that the world is just getting too strange now. Trump is like some Batman or James Bond villain; telegraphing his evil intentions.


I’d imagine that the permanent bureaucracy staff at a lot of federal agencies are aghast at what Il Douche and his cronies have been doing. This is particularly horrible, of course.


This is so obvious that it is probably only a step below simply shooting poors when they can no longer be squeezed for resources.

(I know, debtors prisons, slavery, no healthcare in unsanitary facilities etc etc)


Is this decision meant to make the stupid burn slower?

It’s not working.


The stupid burns like Chlorine Trifluoride.


… and it’s going to take about as long to put it out, too.


The question is, how does the head of the EPA feel about it? If he’s calm, we should be calm. Right? Anybody?

Are we to believe that Trump has trouble doing business with the Mafia, but no problem doing business with Russian mobsters? What, is he a racist or something?

What do you want to bet that at some point he takes part in a photo-op posing next to one of those pallets of asbestos, pointing to his face on the wrapper while looking smug as the fuck that he is?

I can only hope that someone suggests he drives a forklift with one, and guides him off the nearest pier.


Trump is really working on becoming the ultimate super-villain of our times.

I mean seriously, Hitler has been the synonym for ultimate evil for all decent human beings for almost 80 years now and it seems like Trump is doing his best to dethrone him.


“Hitler? Pft. That guy. Just watch. I’m gonna be yuge!”


Trump’s mug on a bale of asbestos pretty much summarizes everything about the guy.


Yeah. He’s retardant.


I honestly keep waiting for this particular news item to be revealed as a hoax to see how far his followers will go.

“Can we get Trump fans to agree that an actual carcinogen banned around the world is actually harmless and that it’s totally okay that Putin is selling it to us with Trump’s face on it?”

“Let’s try!!”


Looking at that Russian stamp on the asbestos, I was not aware that Russians were spelling Trump’s name with an A, as in “Tramp” (although knowing Russian pronunciation, this would sound closest to the English pronunciation.)


So… it’s a tramp stamp…


Given that there’s no safe quantity of asbestos, insurance companies are going to have a cow over any attempts to insure newly built asbestos-laden buildings. Which makes me wonder where this stuff is going to actually be used.


Interesting. One wonders if an investigative journalist might interview a few insurance company claims executives about the costs of asbestos-related industrial disease and then ask some underwriters what it did to premiums and what it is going to do, or even if they will cover it.


That’s a very good point. Trump promised coal mining jobs too, but the free market said “nope.” For such a great businessman, he sure sucks at business.

And notice he’s refighting battles that were over in the 70’s? I wonder if he’s 100% sure what year it is?


What the actual fuck. My grandfather lived with asbestosis for decades because of this shitty material. He was exposed to it removing floors in the 60’s… They knew it was toxic then, but the extraction companies that were making a fortune, suppressed their knowledge (much like tobacco companies). Whole fucking towns were made sick by this industry.

These are the kind of environmental roll-backs that only happen because the fuckers who run these agencies will never find themselves, or their children, exposed to the material… Meanwhile, countless people who have the misfortune to live in cheap housing or need to take any job they can get, will suffer so that some bag of dicks somewhere can make a bit more money rather than use a slightly more expensive, non-toxic material.


Maybe the plan is to use the asbestos in the coal mines? Two bad ideas makes a good idea, right?