CDC suggests live-streaming funerals to avoid infecting mourners

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Can’t wait to hear about racist Twitch chat spam during a funeral for somebody’s grandma


CDC suggests

Stop dying, you’re making tRump Co. & CDC look bad. /s


I find the funeral potatoes image to be tacky and disrespectful. Use something else.

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The CDC reassures us, however, that “there are no known risks of being in the same room as a patient who has died.”

Makes sense. They aren’t coughing anymore.


Sounds like they have never had to clean up after a dead body. Pretty much a biohazard no matter what they died of. Reminder to wash your Hans.

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Have you ever had “funeral potatoes”? Cuz they are A’mazing! /s


My father passed in early February. He’d been in declining health but in the end it was respiratory failure - the same actual thing that will end the lives of many Covid19 patients. In our family tradition, we pray for a year and you need to pray with others. All of the congregations have stopped doing these in person and started live streaming in different ways: youtube, gotomeeting, zoom.

I was depressed with the Youtube stream as there is virtually no interaction. I tried Zoom this a.m., and it was pretty great. I kept my mic on mute. Really had not allowed camera initially, and when I tried to then add it, I got bumped off the meeting but it was easy to get back in.

While not a doctor, my dad was obsessed with all topics related to health. I think this was driven in part because his dad was a doctor and in part because his dad passed at the age of 49. My dad made it into his 80s and was still fit and running early last summer. I think he would have supported this unprecedented change in the religious practice knowing it will save lives.

Brought to you by Westboro Baptist…



The recipe sounds good. I just would not use their image when talking about changing funeral practices. If it showed someone bringing them over to comfort the grieving relatives and friends of the deceased, then that is being human. Here it looks like badly executed advertising mixed with snark at the idea of people dying.

Once again, please change the image.

I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your experiences with these services. I have a few elderly relatives who are not in the best of health. It’s good to know we have options available to pray without putting each other at risk.


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