CDC votes to give first Covid-19 vaccine to health care workers, long-term care facility residents, once FDA authorizes vaccine

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Good. I have several doctors in my family and they’ve all been putting their lives at risk since day one of this thing. They didn’t even get proper PPE in the early days of the pandemic.

I hope teachers are high on the list next.


I take it the one dentist from the Trident gum survey who voted against recommending sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum found a new job? :thinking:


That would be good, but I think there are some vital industries that are more immediately important than in person teaching. Meat packing workers at those effed up greedy meat packing plants. Grocery workers. And other people who are working at essential in person jobs that can’t be done remotely. (My local Safeway and Target stores are currently hiding the number of workers who’ve been infected - the only numbers I hear are rumors.)

Wait for the outraged protests by some of the covidiots demanding their shot. (Some, because the rest will probably be anti-vaxx.)

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Teaching can be done remotely, but, in far too many places, the teachers are being forced to work in the schools.


The only member of the committee to vote against the recommendation was Dr. Helen Talbot, an infectious-disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, who expressed discomfort with putting long-term-care residents in the first priority group because the vaccines’ safety had not been studied in that particular population. “We enter this realm of ‘we hope it works and we hope it’s safe,’ and that concerns me on many levels,” she said before the vote.

–new york times.


Well, ok, plausible reasoning. The testing has been greatly shortened and the most vulnerable to Covid are also the most vulnerable to side effects, and are a population the vaccine probably hasn’t even been tested on. So, dunno. Out of my wheelhouse… :frowning:


Good; add teachers and anyone who’s been deemed an essential worker* that’s been on the front lines to be next.

*Actual essential workers who live paycheck to paycheck, not over-glorified execs making over 6 figures.


Well, I want teachers high on the list as well because my wife is one. But I would REALLY love it if all the folks designated as “essential workers” are second on the list after healthcare workers. Those folks have been used and abused and sent out to deal with anti-mask dipshits for the past year, putting their own health on the line for things like toilet paper and pork rinds. Let’s show them some love.

What I do NOT want are rich millionaires and billionaires sucking up the vaccines first, but I guarantee you it’ll happen. Fuckers always jump the line.


I’m glad we’re starting to get into the detail planning stage, but I would love to see prisons added to the list of early groups. They check every box as high risk, high rates of spread, lots of elderly and people with preexisting conditions, inability to distance, and for those unmoved by basic humanitarian concerns the state pays for the healthcare of inmates that get infected. For a while two of the five largest outbreaks in the country were Ohio prisons, with upwards of 3/4 of residents testing positive (note not 3/4 of tests, 3/4 of the people).


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