Uber's CEO sent a letter to all 50 U.S. governors asking to prioritize drivers and delivery workers for COVID-19 vaccines

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/10/ubers-ceo-sent-a-letter-to-all-50-u-s-governors-asking-them-to-prioritize-drivers-and-delivery-workers-for-covid-19-vaccines-as-essential-workers.html


it’s a shame uber didn’t consider their drivers as being important enough to be, you know, employees.


The Uber CEO is an asshole, but I don’t disagree with him on this. I’d like to see all customer-facing personnel have a chance to get the vaccine before people like me, who can stay at home basically all the time and work.


Yeah, I don’t really see the problem here. “This group of people that interact with a lot of strangers and provide a service that’s especially useful in lockdown should get vaccines early” is entirely sensible, no matter how much the company leadership is a congregation of asshats.

Who in USA will get vaccines first: a) high gov’t officials; b) medical personnel; c) sloppy super-spreaders to break the transmission chains; d) poor unmasked working slobs facing hazards daily? I’ll go with (a) and expect them to not worry about the rest.

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Nail head meet hammer… When Uber announces anything that may seem to ‘care’ about it’s contractors it is exposing the cost of doing business with human beings as collateral… not even an asset!


Christ what an asshole.

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Before or after public transit workers? (kidding. We already know it’s before. Uber’s long-term plan is grounded in the destruction of all public transit).


prioritize the Taxi Work­ers Alliance. If Uber drivers want priority access, they should arrange it through their shop steward.


It’s not Uber drivers who are requesting priority access, it’s the union-busting CEO who sees them as cogs in Uber’s machine.



No, it didn’t go over my head. This is not on the Uber drivers in any way shape or form, and your attempt at a joke here fell flat.

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If only I had substituted Driver’s Union for Taxicab Alliance my proposal would have the practical effect of ensuring a vaccinated and unionized workforce. An elegant compromise.

Public safety demands that government insure all transportation workers are included.

If i get Covid at a meeting I don’t really care if it’s the bus someone took, the jet they took, the train they took, the taxi they took or the tnc they took to get there - or any combination of modes they took.


Yes, I get the joke. But of course, as I’ll assume you realize, the techbro barrons making this request are flaming hypocrites who only give a rat’s ass about their workforce when it impinges on their own bottom line.


“But mom, everyone is doing it!”

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