Uber to provide 'millions' of face masks against coronavirus to drivers and Uber Eats food delivery workers

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/04/09/uber-to-provide-millions-o.html

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“in the coming weeks”

This is great news. I worry about those poor drivers. Hopefully they will get gloves as well, and some quick training about how and when to wear them, and how to remove them safely. It seems like surfaces are one of the main vectors.

Where are they getting them and who is not going to get them thanks to Uber?

I am not saying gig drivers are not high risk: given multiple contacts. They should be higher priority than say me. However I do wonder what impact pulling masks from elsewhere at this time will have.

Sure, the company that treats its employees private contractors like shit will totally make good on keeping them healthy.

Umm a bit late?

Hold up, I thought they were simply a technology company that did nothing more than provide an app for matchmaking and billing. Once theIr lawyers find out about this tacit admission that they have a modicum of responsibility to the greater good, this idea will certainly be shit-canned.


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