Report: Uber uses GPS to punish drivers in China who get close to protests

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from everything I’ve read about Uber I refuse to believe they needed to be leaned on by the government to put this into action.


Charter of Human Rights v2 should definitely include the right of an employee to exercise their conscience.

This is a double-edged proposal. May result in a clerk of the only pharmacy in town refusing to sell you the emergency contraception you just need. Or any other med they consider “wrong” according to their “conscience”/biases.

Or this:

Best give up your individual liberties to your employer, then. They’ll know what’s best to do with them.

You can’t win.

Should a pharmacy clerk be allowed to screw over a customer because of “conscience”? Because that’s where it would lead, in the Bible Belt at least.

Yeah, but you’re used to thinking of corporations as agnostic entities,

Yup. You cannot win either way, something else has to be figured out.

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