Cease and Desist pin


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Boy, I really need that pin.


That’s wonderful! I wonder how long before he gets a C&D of his very own?


Also one of their available pins:


Hmm…I am tempted to pick up a few of these before my next trip to Disney. It would amuse me to “pin trade” this with some of the employees to set these into the “pin trading” ecology.


do it, dude.


Hi! King Drippa here. So I can tell you that I have yet to receive any sort of C+D from Disney. Guess I’m under the radar…


Hey that’s an insult to . . . oh nevermind.


A fun idea but it wouldn’t work. CMs can only trade for pins that have a Disney copyright on them (http://disneyparksmerchandise.com/parksauthentic/disney-pin-trading-guidelines-for-guests/).


I can imagine that a likely work around would be to trade a regular Disney pin, but then gift them the C+D pin as well. Or just flat out give them out without getting a pin in return. So it should be ok, in theory.


Dude, I work in permissions/images/etc., and that pin made me laugh so much it was, like, milliseconds before I bought one.


Ha ha awesome. You got any hints to really agitate the Disney copyright folks?


Put a dick somewhere in there.


“Do anything at all” is a general rule of thumb, but nothing gets their goat as much as combining Disney with sex which, unfortunately, usually produces skeevy results.


There are supposedly single frames of [I think it was Ariel? One of the Disney princesses] that are nude, slipped in subliminally by an animator. @MikeBurakoff you could do a commemorative pin with the image?


I’m sure you’re right. I’m also sure that if you target some busy CM in food service, they’ll just see the Micky and accept it.


Of course there’s also a chance that if the wrong person sees it you’ll be asked to leave. A friend of a friend got kicked out for wearing a t shirt that read. “I didn’t say that she was crazy…”

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