Cecil the Lion to be immortalized as a Beanie Babie


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To top it off, they gave the beanie babie the sad looking eyes on any toy I have even seen


What do baby lions with big sad eyes eat?


… and in 20 years, it’ll be worth millions! MILLIONS!

(on a related note, you can’t spell “millions” without “lions”)


Whew, finally. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!


How is this better than just sending the money directly to the charity?


Motivates others who aren’t that quick to give to charity to give to charity because of a plushie. Like I am feeling right now.


Beanie babies still exist?


You don’t get a toy lion doing that.




This will go great with my Cecil the Lion commemorative coaster set!


It will be the perfect touch to my “Cecil the Diesel” F-450 – lil’ Cecil sitting on the dash next to my plastic jesus:


Exactly. It’s all about keeping it klassy.


Sad baby gazelles?


I’m wondering which results in more dead animals:
1 rich white guy trophy hunting a lion?
Making a bunch of disposable plastic based stuffed animals and distributing them worldwide?

(my bet is on the latter…)


Of course if I bought one, I’d have to by a potato gun and take shots at it.


Well they have to gut and stuff all those factory bred baby lions to make the toys.


That’s so cute! I’m going to buy one and mount it on a plaque!


Too soon? It’s too soon, isn’t it.


Seriously, I think someone could make a nice little eBay business selling them for a few months.