Celebrate Emma Goldman's birthday (belatedly) with this radical song

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Emma Goldman says Trans Rights.


The Berkman assassination attempt undermined public support for the union and prompted the final collapse of the strike.

She sounds like a murderous clown who did more harm to her cause than good.

Emma died in Toronto on May 14, 1940.


Man, I wish I had the ability to judge an entire life from one line. Must come in handy.

For anyone who isn’t gifted with instant infallible judgement, I highly recommend reading her in her own words. Anarchism and Other Essays is worth reading, as is My Further Disillusionment in Russia.


Fuck Henry Clay Frick, an actual murderous tyrant. I can’t with this, that piece of shit deserved it and more.


And the Pinkertons weren’t at the strike to have tea and crumpets with the striking workers.

Three hundred Pinkerton agents assembled on the Davis Island Dam on the Ohio River about five miles below Pittsburgh at 10:30 p.m. on the night of July 5, 1892. They were given Winchester rifles, placed on two specially-equipped barges and towed upriver.

But one act of violence towards capitalists will bring out the pearl clutchers every time.


Another Emma Goldman song:


The list with Frick is long and horrifying. What a genuinely evil human…


It is hard for a lot of folks to understand how overt class warfare was about its nature as warfare in the 19th Century (hmm, I wonder why that might be - didn’t they go to school and study the approved curriculum - oh wait).

But yeah, the horrified gasp she used deadly force in a labour dispute would have just seem so baffling to people of a time when strikes were addressed by sweeping fields full of camping families with Gatling gun fire.


That’s true INTO the 20th century as well. American labor used to be much more radical.


One of Goldman’s most famous quotes is “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.” Which is good as far as it goes.

I believe, however, that the revolution IS dancing in the streets. I do it whenever I can. I’ll dance in the supermarket aisles and at the check-out counter if a good tune comes out over the PA system. I consider it an exercise of my independence.

Perhaps Emma Goldman would have beat my ass or, just possibly, she would have danced with me.

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