Frederick Douglass' "The Meaning of July the Fourth for the Negro," read by James Earl Jones


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America’s racial wounds would heal much quicker if these BLM and other race-baiting “protesters” like Martin Luthor King and this Frederick Douglas thug stopped complaining about what may or may not have happened in the distant past and started focusing on important issues, like black-on-black crime and voter fraud! Personally, I blame Obama’s “election” and “presidency” for stirring all this up. Plus, his wife says my kids are too fat!*


  • Thanks, Obama!


James Earl Jones, what a fantastic voice & a great reading.


I have to tell you, sir; your style of parody is truly a thing of beauty.

Every site needs someone like you; please don’t ever change.


I am willing to bet that Douglass would not be among the 1% who would vote for Trump. Just a guess.


Thank you for the reminder of how frighteningly fine the line is between satire and reality. Without context I honestly wouldn’t know which side you’re on.



Frederick Douglass was a great speaker. I have always enjoyed his speech at the Freedman’s Memorial, and the way that he expressed appreciation for the sentiment behind the memorial, while tactfully referring to the memorial itself as a “highly interesting object”.


The videos are only short excerpts, the entire speech is well worth reading.


This is extra timely, since I have now witnessed somebody (on Facebork :rolling_eyes:) exhorting people to “say ‘Independence Day,’ not ‘the Fourth of July’!!!”. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. Is this going to be the new “War on Christmas”?


Interesting how a bit part of it is something that can be summarized as “I wish I had enough sarcasm to deploy on this, but as I dont have, you are getting a right, straight, no-sarcasm bollicking anyway”


In watching ‘Roots’, recently, I thought it poignant when the (white) colonists were yelling “We’re Free!!” in celebration at the end of the Revolutionary War.

Free? It’s a relative term…


like that, yeah. perfect. thanks modus!

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