Woman's obituary includes


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Well isn’t that special.

I can just imagine her stand-up act.


It says “Elaine requests…”, but once you’re dead, your relatives (or whoever coordinates your obit / funeral) can do pretty much anything they want. If, indeed, it was her request, how sad. I have strong likes / dislikes in the political realm, but I’m guessing those would quickly fade to don’t-give-a-crap if I knew my death were imminent.


“Witty” = Characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.

This? Not so much.


Did I miss something? Where exactly was the so called “wit”?


“Witty”? Really?

Can’t imagine she was much of a comedienne.


Some people always need to have the last word.


Interesting responses so far. Also, no one’s said “Feel the Bern.”


That’s because it’s #FeelTheBern


I was just Biden my time, then you Trumped me.


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It’s an unfortunate state of affairs when people assume that all headlines must be taken literally.


If this lady was so dead set (ha!) against the Democratic opponent because she was for a scumbag like Trump or his ilk, then she’s probably Feeling the Burn about now.


“Jab”, yes. “Witty”, no.


Even the Republican women are misogynist.


A Peterborough woman did the same thing with an obit asking Canadians to vote out Harper.


Classy to the end, and beyond. What do we leave by the grave marker / mausoleum plaque / tomb monument?


> My rabbi’s a very smart guy. His name is Larry Kushner, and he said anybody’s who’s interested in making last requests has missed the whole point of being dead.
– D Mamet;


If you read through the comments – which I did because I was curious if my message, which was full of patriotism and Jesus (just not in that way), would be published* – what stands out is that most of the responses are the same petty, hate-filled spewings of nyah-nyah. That’s her legacy…and it’s the legacy she wanted, which means her time on Earth was utterly wasted.

*Nope, of course not.


Should being a female politician provide immunity to being disliked? Is it misogynic to dislike Hillary, a lying scheming politico? Is it misandric to dislike (say) Jeb Bush for the same reasons?