What's it's like to moderate obituary comments

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/03/27/whats-its-like-to-moderate-obituary-comments.html


Sounds like a dead end job.


I’ve heard that every single person who has been in that role either has died or will die in the future. Call the lawyers, it sounds like a class action suit waiting to happen! /s


They should give immediate family a special password associated with the obituary, to be handed out privately as appropriate to those who want to leave condolences or share memories. That would prevent random spammers and vandals from ruining things and making more work for moderators like the author.


The problem is, that some of the most interesting comments are going to be from people who knew the deceased, but didn’t necessarily know the family well. They can provide a window on how that person was in circumstances that the family didn’t see them in. (work, hobbies etc.) So you don’t want to make it impossible for other to comment, but the internet being the cesspit that it is, you probably have to review any comments before you allow them to be displayed.


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