Celebrate Myst's 25th anniversary through this Kickstarter

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Déjà vu: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/12/all-six-myst-games-will-soon-b.html

I was going to post the Time Warp gif…but…this seems eerily appropriate in regards to Myst!!!


I’m sure someone will update this project with their favorite SoC board (no date on the page, but probably several years old by the hardware):



It would be neat if they threw in the original Hypercard source code, just for kicks. (There’s not too many useful things you can do with Hypercard code these days.)


I did really enjoy the trilogy of Myst novels.


It’s really sad that they won’t be making it for Mac anytime soon, as I’ve had a real hankering to play these games as of late.


I am a lame fan-type person. I’ve never read any of them. And as obsessed with these games as I’ve been, I’ve even only really played the first three.

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I would give the first one a try. It explains the game much more than the game does. :wink:

There’s an ebook version of all three in one volume on the major ebook platforms (Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks) for $10, if you’re at all interested in them. It’s called The Myst Reader.


I’m not a fan of the Myst series in general but I am a HUGE fan of Riven in particular.

It was the only one where the “puzzles” were just figuring out how the devices and culture worked. Every other Myst game was just walking along and then you find a genuine PUZZLE placed there. Not a sensical, working machine that does something, but a literal puzzle. For that reason, I loved Riven so much but was turned off by every other Myst game I played.


It’s not their availability that’s the issue, though. It’s mine. Someday, maybe.

I didn’t think Myst III was too bad, but. Yeah, maybe this. I sort of lost interest in the franchise as a whole after that. Riven was mysterious (ha!) and Myst was compelling, in part because I grew up on a bunch of islands and exploring them was something I just did (Aquidneck, Antigua, Honshu, and Adak).

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