Celebrate the 4th with cocktails from 1776

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I wish the US could finally stick to metric units like everyone else on this planet. what is “1 c of sugar”? 1 cup? 1 can? Googling for “c unit” is not very helpful either.


Whenever I think of old-timey cocktails flip comes to mind:

“A blend of beer, rum, molasses (or dried pumpkin), and eggs or cream, flip was usually mixed in a pitcher and then whipped into a froth by plunging a hot fire poker (called a flip-dog) into its midst. The tavern keeper would then decant the singed creation into ceramic mugs or featherlight flip glasses.”

Never had it but it was briefly on the menu at The Warren Tavern in Charleston MA. Not sure what they substituted for the fire poker. Maybe they just skipped that step.

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Having lived in Savannah Georgia I can’t help by think that Chatham Artillery punch should be added to the list:

It packs about the same punch as artillery.


Stone Walls are great. Nothing better on a hot day than a reasonably dry hard cider (NOT the sicky sweet crap like Appleseed/Cidre Artois/Forge/Woodchuck/Angry Orchard) and Bulleit.

In this context it means a cup.

I’ll have to try the Stone Wall. Brewing dry hard cider at home is trivially easy (take a gallon jug of good apple juice that doesn’t have preservatives in it, add some ale yeast, pop an airlock on the top, and wait a week or so, then bottle it), so I’ve always got some around. And I’ve got some kind of rum or other.

The problem isn’t just that we don’t use metric units, it’s that we do most of our cooking measurements by volume, not weight, so it’s hard for us to translate recipes back and forth with Europeans. Sometimes weight is the better approach, sometimes volume, but US kitchens have lots of measuring cups and spoons and no scales.

So yeah, it’s a cup, and 250ml is close enough if you don’t feel like measuring 227ml.

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