Supermaker John Edgar Park shares his bitters recipe


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What is a “c” in quantity? Sorry to sound stupid but I do often find it hard to work out American recipes.

What’s even worse are non-American sites that have hacked together a version for US audiences and you don’t know which tablespoon they mean (big difference) and it can be the wrong one…


“C” is for Cup. 1 Cup = 236ml


cups? That’s a lot of sugar.


Thats about 59ml dry of sugar to appx 755ml liquid, plus another 1/2c (118ml) later on. Seems legit. Although it is admittedly rather odd that the recipe mixes ml & cup measures…


Thanks, obvious when you mention it. The ml threw me (as in, they didn’t throw me in the sense that they are what I use but I do have measuring things for cups and half and quarter cups so I can use recipes on the internet. Tablespoons should be banned though…)


How do you multiply 14 times 236 and get 59?


Look carefully, that says 1/4.


Well that makes MUCH more sense…


I mean, if it was a recipe for Coca-cola or something… :slight_smile:


between the kerning and the one pixel wide solidus that was very hard to see on my monitor.


Presumably because the ml measurements are for spirits, which have mandatory bottle sizes expressed in millilitres, 375ml being one of these sizes.


I have a few empty bottles leftover from when I made Krupnik at Christmas last year. maybe this would be a good use for them. I still have a couple of bottles of Krupnik left as well.

375 ml looks like it might be the ‘pint flask’ size of bottle.


The hell is a “supermaker”?


It’s a big shop where you can buy all sorts of food and stuff?


That’s a supermarket. Supermaker is a 1950’s comicbook superhero character from the USSR (Супер производитель). In the spirit of the humble working soviet citizenry, he was known for making bread, piroshki, & wooden replacement limbs for stray dogs & being super good at it and super happy to not be noticed or celebrated for his personal achievements.


So Cool I had a chance to try some. It is da kind. Cheers!


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