Celebrate the Day Against DRM with 50% OFF O'Reilly ebooks and videos


Typo in headline.

What if I want the whole books? I don’t really just want to read 50% of the book. Is it the front 50% or back 50%?

Or is it 50% OFF?

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“Your order does not qualify. Please contact customer service.”

In fact, only one of the 3 eBooks I was going to buy “qualified.”


The actual date would be useful.

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It’s DRM free, you buy one half and I’ll buy the other. We’ll get a complete book that way.

I’m not sure how that picture relates. Are they saying they want us to shoot those guards because the guards are DRM? Or are we supposed to identify with the guards because… ?

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Looks like a full ZERO books I might have bought qualify.

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