Celebrate V-Day like an early feminist with these Suffragist Valentines

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It seems there was a special place in hell for men who didn’t want women to vote.


“Girls say yes to boys who say no”, wasn’t that a slogan during the Vietnam war era?

That must be why on the other side of the pond even the chimney sweeps were in favor of suffrage.


This never occurred to me as a kid, but the last time I watched Mary Poppins I noticed that there’s a strong undercurrent of social justice and class struggle running through the whole movie:

  • Rich bankers physically steal money from a child just so he can’t share it with an impoverished woman trying to get by.
  • Women protesting for equal rights are either ignored entirely, met with open hostility, or dismissed as a joke. The only people who take Mrs. Banks’ cause seriously are the working-class chimney sweeps.
  • When said chimney sweeps start to organize, a panicking member of the aristocracy literally fires a cannon at them to force them to disperse. He faces no consequences for this action.

Let’s not overlook the fact that a major financial institution is shut down and almost destroyed by the mere perception of instability.

And it’s a child who’s responsible.


I always scratch my head a bunch when denizens of the internet chatting areas try to justify ongoing wars and point out the “inherent” differences between west and middle east by decrying the latter’s treatment of women and women’s rights. I need a hot-key combo to reply with “you know women in the western world had to fight tooth and nail for every single fucking right they have too, right? Against conservative christian men. Think on it, buster.”


I’m sure the government provided a comfy bailout.

The film ends with a shot of those same wealthy bankers pulling all the strings.


These cards assert womens’ wish to vote, and yet portrays them as infants.

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But at least the men who oppose suffrage are ALSO portrayed as infants. And more infantile infants at that.


True, and the baby girls are way hotter.

Not going there.



And the moral at the end of the movie (actually, an undercurrent thoughout it)?

Women should stay at home with their kids.

(And dad should spend a bit more time with their families, so it cuts both ways. Slightly. Not as much sting though. “You shouldn’t have a job” vs “You should be in a better mood when you return from your job.”)

I like this movie, but I’ve probably watched it too many times with my kids, recently. My wife gets upset when I start analyzing things like this.


My wife gets tired of me singing “Sister Suffragette”, again.


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