Celebrities destroy their pie holes with hot sauce while being interviewed

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I’m a big fan of Hot Ones, been following them since almost day 1. Sean is super likeable and sincere which goes a long way for making the show compelling. I think had someone else done it the format would’ve focused more on the hot sauce but its clear that Sean and his team spend a lot of time coming up with really good interview questions and they do put thought into the hot sauce beyond it just being spicy. Their other food related shows are awesome btw.


I often start an episode thinking “this is a shit show”, but the interview almost always come around to something meaningful. I think achieving that “something from nothing” quality gives it its charm.


Hot Pepper Gaming did it first.



Very much enjoying this show after a couple of seasons of watching. They understand the “ramp it slowly” need, you have to work from the mild to the wild or there will bits of guest all over the studio. :slight_smile:

And then, he gets them talking honestly, for the win.


Natalie Portman OWNED her appearance. She can handle the spice.


thank you Gareth, for my newest obsession. my day is shot. I AM going to binge every one of these. :slight_smile:


Pro Tip: Put the toilet paper in the freezer for the next morning.


Henry used to be so intense. I’ve seen some really grouchy, unpleasant interviews.

But he’s aged into a really lovely guy. Seemed to have no problem with the wings too.

He’s still plenty intense, he’s just slightly less confrontational. Saw him be interviewed a few times by Nardwuar, once ages ago and one more recently and both times he was cordial but just barely. My hunch is that he found Nardwuar irritating, he can be a little bit much so i get it.

He seemed to like Sean so the interview on Hot Ones went smoothly. I respect Rollins, but i’m not sure i’d ever want to meet him.

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I once won a free pitcher of beer in a bar bet by drinking one of those small bottles of Tabasco. I can eat really hot food and it didn’t phase me a bit. But Tabasco is about the shittiest tasting hot condiment you can get. There are others that are so much better.

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I’ll definitely use Tabasco if its all i have available but the taste is awful. There are even less potent hot sauces that i think are superior because they have pretty decent taste, they’d be even better if they were hotter. That being said home made is always best, i have 3 different kinds of picante my mom has made. First one is barely spicy but really good, second one has a stronger taste and spice, and the last one is pure fire :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t think she meant to make it that strong but was too lazy to cut down the spice after it was done.

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Gareth you hooligan!

I’m recovering from a bit of a motorcycle accident (if you drive a SUV? do not use your cell phone! NO ONE! distracted driving is wrong…)

Anyhow, I’ve spent most of the day binging these, I’m no where near done… but thank you

Amazing, great watching the FLOW of the interview. the hotter the sauce, the more they open up, the more raw, brutal honesty comes out.

Just brilliant. thank you. (hooligan)


I often do the same.

She at those vegan wings like a boss!

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Celebrities and Cenobites, is there really such a difference?


I like the concept, and Sean is a good host, but they need better guests. Fewer vacuous media celebrities, more people with something interesting to say.

Rachel Ray was one of the best. She brought her own spoon!

Rachael Ray Mainlines Hot Sauce for Thanksgiving | Hot Ones

Hot Ones with guest Noam Chomsky?


No. Just no. That channel is obscure and doesn’t feature celebrity interviews. Not to mention, the production quality and lack of quality sauces sets it very far behind Hot Ones. Go be a salty edgelord somewhere else.

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