Ron Funches to host marijuana themed cooking show for Discovery+

I love cannabis, but I hate this.

The flavor of weed is its own thing, and I’ve not yet been introduced to any food that has been enhanced by its inclusion.

Sure, it gets you stoned, man, and that’s all good, but a cooking show? Meh. Oh well!

I suppose people just have to make that content!

This is now the third different weed/food show I have seen come around. The first two were train wrecks. I don’t see this being any better.

Agreed on the “no flavor enhancement” angle*. I consider myself really good at infusing cannabis into liquids/edibles, but the key is to making the weed flavor disappear. You want the flavor of the flower itself, smoke/vape it.

*My only exception is when I use ABV remnants to make butter with. I grind it a fine powder and don’t strain after infusion. It then adds a nutty flavor to the cookies. But that is about the limit I can see it going.

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Methinks you just haven’t found the right baker yet.


You’re probably right.

There’s also a good chance that the quantity of cannabis I’ve ingested in food was so intentionally heavy-handed that it ruined any potential flavor combination.

The one time I ate eggs fried in weed butter I thought they were not bad.

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I dunno man, I loved Bong Appetit! they brought in chefs that really made some luscious looking, multi-course dinners, usually with a theme (eg. a murder mystery dinner party with a New Orleans setting).
I learned some great tricks for cooking things that are not just cookies or brownies.
ETA: I just watched the clip and, yes, it looks like hot garbage. competition cooking ruins it for me. just cook and talk about what/how you are doing it.
oh, if only Julia were still alive and cooking with cannabis!


I’m not too into edibles, because of the dosing insecurities, but we just made (non marijuana based) sage biscuits and I could imagine those being fantastic with a little marijuana flavor added in. And the recipe would work, since you do a brown butter with the herbs first.
Hmmm, methinks it might be a fun experiment for our next camping trip…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


After reading the responses here and thinking about it, I do see where cannabis flavor could complement different foods. The expectation of heavy intoxication would have to be adjusted accordingly; a light touch would certainly yield far better flavor results than the crass baked goods I ate in my youth.

I suppose a multi-course meal infused with cannabis might result in getting “stoned, man.”


you have it right, a light touch is key when making infused dinners. remembering the cumulative dosing over all the planned dishes, sides, entree, etc.
I infused my oils: ghee, EVOO, sesame oil (even some chicken schmaltz) with strains that have certain turpene flavor profiles. these can be carefully added in low-dose quantities so as to not just blast anyone partaking into the ozone (or panic). more adventurous types can add more olive oil to a homegrown salad with a splash of red wine vinegar, or butter up some bread with extra ghee.
I do this with my near 80yo mum and she loves it and has gotten to know how much gets her just right. her favorite thing is a chocolate freezer waffle toasted with “9lb hammer” butter!


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