This is the first cannabis-themed US restaurant that encourages you to smoke weed inside

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Well, not really. I’m pretty picky about who smoke with. But I’d give it a whirl if I were in town.


How does this comply with the ban on smoking in restaurants in California? Does the ban only apply to tobacco?


I’m disappointed the restaurant isn’t named “Munchies.”

Anyway, encouraging patrons to smoke weed makes me think the food might not be very good, and they want you to get high so you wolf it all down regardless.

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We need one of these in Seattle within walking distance of my apt.


“Who’s hungry?!” asked the waiter.


When we went to Amsterdam several years ago, I was still a cigarette smoker. You could smoke cigarettes in a lot of the bars, but strangely enough, you were almost never allowed to smoke them in the coffee/weed shops.
One place didn’t care, I remember, but all the others said no.

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The CA state law that bans smoking in workplaces (including restaurants) is specific to tobacco products.

By CA state law, weed and weed products can only be sold by dispenaries, but it leaves the details of dispensary operations to be regulated at the municipal level.

This cafe is in West Hollywood, an independent city surrounded by, but not part of, Los Angeles. WeHo is one of only a few cities in California that permit dispensaries to operate on-site “cannabis consumption lounges.”

So the cafe operates as a co-located cafe and weed dispensary. The two operations are kept logistically separate - weed and food are prepared in separate areas and billed separately; weed must paid for in cash (due to federal pressure on credit card processors), and so on.


Obligs…because the rules still apply.

I’m still a little grossed by the idea of smoking over food, even if the miasma is vented so efficiently.

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