Medical marijuana patient fights for his right to light up in a casino


No. There are other ways to consume his medicine that would not inconvenience people or subject everyone to second-hand consumption. Edibles exist as alternatives, and those should of course be allowed.


From the article

State rules provide that patients may not smoke medical marijuana in a school bus, on public transportation, in a private vehicle in operation. Patients also cannot smoke on school grounds, at any correctional facility, in a public park, on the beach, at a recreation center, or at any other place where smoking is prohibited.
All Atlantic City casinos, however, allow smoking. Revel initially opened as a smoke-free casino but later changed its stance. Casinos may designate up to 25 percent of the casino floor for smoking.

So it’s not that simple.

All I know is that kid has balls, chemically induced or not.

I wonder if this is a sort of false flag, one intended to make all pot smokers look like jerks? After all, it is way too early to go from “I should not be arrested for partaking of this substance” to “I should be allowed to partake this substance wherever the loopholes allow it” for most proponents.

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