If you have a medical weed card from any state you can buy weed in Nevada


It doesn’t surprise me, even ignoring the whole medical pot thing, Nevada (and more specifically Vegas) has been trying to establish itself as a state known for its healthcare. It’s been a big push within the last 3-4 years. I think this current move on the medical weed card policy is in-line with what they are trying to accomplish. They want to push tourism in its full spectrum, not just people on vacation but also business conferences and people with medical needs.

I’ve lived both in Vegas and Reno in case you were wondering where i’m coming from.

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As I understand it, you can buy pot in Colorado if you have a pulse.

I’m confused.

I thought marijuana was still legally controlled in Nevada.


Does this mean that Burners with a medical marijuana card from ANY state can not toke up on playa? (or course, they still can’t distribute).

I presume the need to obey Nevada’s MJ laws.

Burners are still at the mercy of Federal BLM cops. Also, Pershing County sheriffs have historically been way more uptight than those from Washoe County (the Black Rock Desert straddles the border between them so they share jurisdiction. And plenty of revenues.) I can easily imagine Pershing cops ignoring this, or at least narcing to BLM over the radio.

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