Marijuana foe uses racketeering law to shut down legal retailers in Colorado


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“a powerful narcotic in which lurks Murder! Insanity! Death!”

Are those included with every dose, or is each sold separately?


You had me at U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Let us all encourage Mr. Wooton to travel by helicopter as often as possible.


He can’t have been wrong all this time. Can’t have been. Surely.


It’s because of “conservatives” like Wootton that we can’t have nice things.


The stick up that guy’s ass must have a stick up its ass


The infant pot industry in Colorado needs to band together to fight this idiot. I don’t think the 9th Circuit is going to approve RICO lawsuits against retail marijuana sellers. After all, prostitution is legal in Nevada. So are casinos. Both can be attacked with RICO suits. Also, the CO attorney general should get involved. These suits are interfering with a legal business in the state.


I’d be interested to read just what damages these turkeys are claiming were incurred to them by these companies doing business.


Oh good!

The war on [people who use] drugs continues :frowning:


Damage? Other People Are Having Fun! What more damages do you need?


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