Federal court forbids DEA from harassing medical marijuana providers

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Those DEA agents will never learn.

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The War on Drugs is an miserable, expensive failure, as is the DEA. It is time for them both to go away now.


Any chance this will affect the same bullshit clause keeping DC from establishing its own MM system?

Shucks, boys, I guess we is laid off.

Stop! Or I’ll say stop, again!


They’ll find new purpose for themselves sniffing citizens at every flight returning from Canada

CBP gets jealous when their territory is stepped on. I could see them doubling down in states that don’t have legal medical or recreational use.

Why not put some enforcement teeth (Civil and Criminal Liability) if the agents are caught in violation of the law.

Goodbye Civil Service Pension
Goodbye future employment
Goodbye good name

If we stop treating “Law Enforcement” like their above the law, the officers that remain will be the ones that either were following the law to begin with, or the ones that learned how to reform their practices to stay above the thresher.

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