The DEA has been listening to Americans' phone calls for 15 years


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Why? Because they say that they won’t? Has anyone tried actually forcing them to do it anyway?

The Drug Enforcement Administration, one of the least useful and most corrupt law enforcement agencies in the United States

This ongoing competition deserves a website, one with unabashed cheerleading. And guest appearances by Stephen Colbert to give the yearly awards.


So they falsified evidence trails, they collecting information on U.S. citizens not under investigation, they shared their info with other agencies… who’s going to go to jail for this?


They are probably monitoring for key words. You know, like “Cheetos” and “Pizza Delivery.” It’s all very technical and precise. Unless you use these words in your normal conversations, you have nothing to fear.


This government is losing legitimacy daily. When I think they can sink no lower I’m proven wrong. I have NO FAITH in this government. We have sailed passed constitutional crisis over a decade ago. It’s time for a series of big constitutional fixes to tame this government into servitude.

Officer Barbrady is listening to your phone calls my fellow stupid Americans.

And they are just not listening to international call. They are listening to domestic calls too. I’m sure state and local has a tap too.


And by “going to jail” you mean “getting a promotion”, amiright?

I don’t think there’s any other agency without even an arguable purpose. Even the ATF gets a two out of three.

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Do you really want a new constitution if these kind of people are going to be involved?

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They’re called the BATFE now, for Explosives. So you might call it three out of four.



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