DEA's vast surveillance of Americans' phone communications dwarfs NSA's


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Can’t access the link to read the full story - 404.


Listed under success stories in the Hemisphere presentation, “Plus, we really pissed off the Hells Angel’s in Canada.”

And they still can’t find Heisenberg?


Thank you so much!

You beat me to it. Are you guys telling me the entire run of Breaking Bad is… inaccurate???

So long as it prevents bad people from smoking weed, I say it’s worth it. It just makes sense that we devote so much manpower and resources towards the War on Drugs, and throw constitutional rights out the window – after all, we have so many prisons, which means so many jobs and pensions at stake! Do you hate jobs?


No, but I like drugs.

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No, but they know how fast he’s going!

Anybody else want to dance on the Constitution?!?

We need to return to the good old days, when all you had to worry about were the military/industrial complex, an out-of-control FBI, and power-mad witch-hunting senators.

Why keep it a secret? If they’ve done nothing wrong then they have nothing to hide. Right?

I see what you did there… XD

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