Get your medical marijuana card online


I agree that cannabis is about as harm minimal as a psychoactive gets, but I wish you could get antibiotics prescribed for this cheap. Back in my paramedic days I had plenty of people refuse care or atleast billable transport due to insufficient funds both for the ~$500-1k ride and for the $500 to debtors prison ER visit.


How legal is this? And if someone resides in a state where medical marijuana isn’t yet legal, if they travel to a state that is can they get the card? Or do you have to have an address there?
I live in Texas, but I travel to Vegas when I am able to where medicinal marijuana is legal. I suffer from terrible anxiety when I am in periods of depression or stress. I have considered going on meds but it makes me uncomfortable, I’d rather take something more natural.

If only we could all look so good at 43.

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And it looks like they have a regular sized laminated ID card. For some nutty reason, Washington decided that your ID must list every related law possible on an 8x10 sheet of paper. Actually, last time I renewed my “card”, they gave me one 8x10 ID and one on a 4x4ish sized piece of paper. The smaller ID does fit in a wallet but since it is larger than a normal ID it tends to get folded and crushed with daily use of the wallet.

While not really a big deal, why not do it right and make the ID one that can live in a wallet without getting shredded?

Or why not simply ask people if they’ve been approved instead of issuing/asking for ID cards?

The little card is useless. They always want to see the full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet that is the real “license.” I keep mine in a folder like you would deliver your final paper in high school. This gets a sly grin from a lot of the check in people.

It still feels criminal and underworld-ish. Which I suppose is what the anti-pot forces want.

I look forward to the day that it is truly normal and doesn’t automatically invoke Grateful Dead graphics and creepy dudes with guns hanging around in the background.


I know it’s not what you meant, but for a brief moment, I imagined you keeping it in a Trapper Keeper, possibly with unicorns and/or The Hulk on it.


My impression is that legally they have to verify each time or risk getting shutdown. In practice, I mainly go to two dispensaries, both know me by name when I walk in the door but one always still asks to see my card and the other stopped asking after ~ten visits.

A big issue for dispensaries is that Washington state wants to shut down all dispensaries and then replace them with more of the overly taxed recreational stores. As a dispensary, you really don’t want to give the state any extra ammunition.


Wait a minute, the MD doesn’t stand for Maryland?! I am SO disappointed!

I am confident this card would stop the SWAT team in their tracks. It looks so legitimate. They should add the word “Official.”

That’s what the JP Card is for!

(best watched under the influence)

Swat team to do what? Grab a dime bag of weed I buy with the card?

They raid the dispenseries, not the users.

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Don’t harsh the mel with reality, I was sooo hoping that that is exactly what the OP meant :smiley:


When I was 17, that would be 40ish years ago, I was pulled over by the police. Surrounded by six or seven cop cars and told to put up my hands while they pointed shot guns and pistols at me. The dangerous crime I was committing? Smoking a bowl, dude.

Yeah and my dad had a swat team invade his back yard, arrest him at gunpoint, attempt to kill his dogs, seize his house, etc. because he had 23 plants in his basement. He’d been a pot grower for a couple of decades and was exiting the business except for his personal stash. He wound up a class C convicted felon.

All things being equal, people aren’t going after folks with an MJ card at gunpoint in the places where these cards matter: the states where the laws passed. The DEA doesn’t roll into down to grab someone for a baggie. They go after the dispenseries. So my point still stands.

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What happens when someone with serious mental illness logs on? Does the doctor on the other end refer them to a real practice, or prescribe anti-psychotics, or what?

Also, why aren’t there similar services for oxycontin?

I have a friend who lives in Washington State and just yesterday he told me that he would never apply for a medical marijuana license as, being a gun owner, the “BATFE or the FBI can decide that any registered pot user is automatically mentally unstable and can remove a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. It’s all up to their decision on any given case”.

While it wouldn’t surprise me if this is true, it also appears to be a sentiment leaning in the direction of an edict of the Cliven Bundy philosopy.

Can anyone confirm yes or no or “it depends”? Where would I go to try and find out if this is true?

Here is a very straightforward answer to your question, straight from the BATF:

Short answer: you are not allowed to have a prescription for medical marijuana AND possess firearms or ammunition.