Vice wants to bring back indoor smoking sections: "local coffee shop . . . would be a lot cooler"

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i would surely like to be able to smoke POT indoors
at a coffee shop , perhaps in a separate room , sometimes - - -


“Vapers aren’t sufficiently deterred from being assholes; ergo indoor smoking!” seems like one of those arguments where you can’t really dispute the premise; but it’s significantly less obvious that it has anything to do with the conclusion.


Since the fuck when?!

At least in my neck o’ the woods, “No smoking” goes hand-in-hand with “No vaping.”


Over here in Germany, as far as being banned in restaurants, pubs, and other public places is concerned, vaping = smoking.


Netflix and Philip Morris are also really bringing liberty sticks back in style… I just had no idea Disney invested in Vice… would love to see a weathered Mickey Mouse, a la Matty Matheson, hosting an adult only, smoker friendly Epcot Center event.


What? Ancient? Indigenous people weren’t abusing this medicine, it was colonizers who decided to roll up big fat hog legs and suck them down. Sure, the Taino were smoking cigars in Cuba at first contact, but by all accounts it was frowned on by society. It wasn’t until the Europeans came that it was widely abused.

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I remember the days before restricted smoking areas in restaurants and then restricted areas. I had meals ruined by the smoking of others. And guess what, smoke goes from the smoking area to the non-smoking area.

I haven’t seen vaping allowed indoors anywhere.

I can compromise. We will have smoking areas which will double as areas where you can legally be hit in the head with a 2x4 over and over again.


The thing is with smoke it just gets everywhere even outside. I remember my mom who went to an outdoor Lionel Richie concert with her friend at an reservation last year complain about how people toked up and that there was a ton of people who complained about the smell.

(I know there’s quite a few boingboingers here who love the sticky icky, but please be considerate to others and stick with edibles for such events okay.)


It’s old, trite, and abused, but really still stands:
“Having a smoking area in a closed space is the same thing as having a pissing area in a swimming pool”.


Isn’t Vice sucking it up to the Saudi royals and now have an office over there too? What is happening with them? Oh right, money. They got money for doing it. Ethics be damned.


It’s funny, I just had this conversation with my two oldest kids. We were walking out of a grocery store and two different individuals were smoking near the entrance so we were hit pretty hard with the fumes. It led me to a “can you believe this used to be allowed like everywhere? You’d be sitting in a restaurant and someone on the other side of a plywood divider would just be chugging down a cigarette like it was a reasonable thing to do.” My first service job put me on the Weds evening jazz trio shift (I still cannot stand hearing Smooth Operator despite my devotion to Sade). Apart from bringing people their drinks, the main job was flipping filthy ashtrays for clean ones.

Yeah, this is not a thing. I’ve been in a few asshole bars over the years where they clearly just don’t give a shit, but anywhere that isn’t filled with 2pm drunks isn’t having it.

My poor mom grew up in a smoking household and even the slightest whiff will set her on a 15 min coughing fit. Never smoked a day in her life.

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Great thinking to increase smoking just when the world is recovering from a disease that led to a huge percentage of the population having lung scarring.


If I can smell whatever you’re vaping it’s affecting me. I had to deal with a guy in the doctor’s office waiting room who thought he was being clever hiding his vape pen under a desk any time someone came through, but even if I hadn’t seen it because he wasn’t that quick I could still smell it from twenty feet away.


“The company founder was unavailable for comment.”



My local hospital does not allow for smoking on any of its property, I held off from telling 2 people about the rule. One smoker was pregnant. I didn’t see any visible signs at the time but knew the rule, which is like 20 years old.

It makes a difference. My wife was having breathing problems due to recovery from a double pulmonary emboli and had problems standing after having to pass a hospital employee who was standing outside the entrance smoking.

The pandemic has made me very aware about how unpleasant is is to walk by someone smoking outdoors.


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Yeah, no. That’s like someone claiming that the evidence of humans causing climate change is dubious. Not only are the dangers of second hand smoke well documented, there’s even evidence that third hand smoke is dangerous.

Look, I used to smoke. I get it. But boy am I glad I don’t anymore. It probably contributed at least in part to my having a heart attack at the age of 51 even though I had quit years before. And I can remember the world before public smoking bans. Smoking was allowed everywhere. My dad smoked in his office when he was a high school guidance counselor. I remember ash tray stands in the grocery store aisles. The whole world stunk of burnt tobacco. I do not want to return to that world. If you want to smoke, go ahead, but do it outdoors and well away from anyone else. Same for vaping. We don’t have good data yet on the dangers of vaping, much less second hand vaping, but I’d bet a lot of money that neither is free of health consequences. Smoking becoming socially unacceptable has been a positive change in the world. Hell, I go to a Zoom AA meeting that doesn’t allow smoking or vaping on camera. And I think that’s a good thing. I know it’s hard to quit. In many ways, quitting smoking was, for me, harder that quitting drinking. But help is out there. Please, if you still smoke or vape, look into quitting. Please.