Live anchor eats "world's hottest chip," suffers tremendously and finally runs off set


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My absolute favorite moment: “would you shut up!”


high five girl!


The worst part? This has to get out again. I love spicy food, but the dents I punched into the plastic tiles next to my toilet… Well they tell a story of currywurst so hot that I got hallucinations.
I feel his pain. But I love the look of pure unfiltered hatred he gave her at 2:35.


Yeah thats gonna burn coming out.




he’ll be singing Johnny Cash songs.


I’m with that guy. I do not like hot stuff. I don’t understand why people do this.


A tip from a friend who grew up on Indonesian food - he says the best first aid is a slice of cold cucumber on your tongue. I never happened to OD on capsaicin while having cucumbers in the fridge so I haven’t tested but bread helps and the worst thing you can do is drink water. Well… the worst thing you can do is have more of the hot stuff but you know what I mean.


If I had been the producer I would have cut to commercial and told Jim to stand down. No bragging rights are worth that, and he was being horrible to his co-anchor.


My s.o. doesn’t believe it when I say the exit is half the fun…


I’m a relatively experienced chile-head, enjoy habanero-based sauces, cook with chiles in just about everything. A “friend” brought a fresh Carolina Reaper to a picnic, and suggested no more than a fingernail-clipping-sized piece to taste test. It was pretty intense, on the borderline of “that was a mistake” but not digestive distress at either end.

If you can, don’t get them on your lips (all the pain, none of the pleasure from the taste), and really, really don’t rub your eyes with fingers that have touched chiles.

In those situations, you want to flood out the ‘locked’ taste sensors: lots of sugar or salt (you can’t eat enough salt for a really intense one, though). A popsicle is probably ideal. Avoid vinegar or other strongly sour things.


I’m currently growing carolina reapers in my aerogarden. I’ve never tried one before, and seeing videos like this makes me wonder what I’ll end up doing with them once they’re ready, if anything at all.


It burns, burns, burns!
The Ring of Fire!
The Ring of Fire!
The Ring of Fire!


While I don’t get the “omygodit burns!!” appeal, I will never tire of watching idiots confirm their idiocy.
And I think she was hurting way worse than she showed, she just knew what was coming.


Put the TP in the freezer, you’ll thank me for it tomorrow.


Did he run off set to go throw up?? And, a follow up question: wouldn’t that burn/do more damage?? She, on the other hand, is my hero. studio clap



You’ll be happy to put soap in your eyes! :sob:


The same advice I offered on another post regarding cooking while naked applies to handling chilies also. Don’t do it.



No matter which end it comes out of!