Live anchor eats "world's hottest chip," suffers tremendously and finally runs off set

I’ve had a bag of their ghost pepper chips, and they rock. For me at least, they sneak up on me, though. Once they get going, they’re right at the “as hot as I can stand” level. I don’t think I’m quite up to the Carolina Reaper challenge. I could probably do it if I took small nibbles, but not all at once.

When it comes to sauces, the El Yucateco habanero sauces, whether the red, green, or Mayan Recipe, are also the hottest ones I like. Four good drops of Mayan Recipe on a taco is perfect.

There’s a taqueria that’s far enough of a drive that I rarely get to go there, that has a salsa bar that ranges from 0X mild to 3X hot. I find their 2X-level sauces to be my favorites, and add a bit of thinly sliced habanero as well.

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Oh the endorphin rush is a wonderful thing.


This definitely reinforces some stereotypes about white people. (Why conquer half the world looking for spices if you can’t even stand having them on your food, amirite?)


I got that full experience one day, eating at a local Mexican restaurant. I took a slice out of that innocuous-looking red pepper on the plate and chowed down. It was instant five-alarm city. My beer didn’t last long.

I put much smaller bits of it on my entree.

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Spicy food just makes food better. Eating truly spicy stuff though releases endorphins and people get a mild rush or high from it, so to an extent its about toeing that line and seeing what you can endure and you keep going back for more because of that rush. That being said, as much as i love spicy food i don’t have any illusions about thinking that i can handle something insanely hot like that chip.

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The guy is crying, sweating, bright red, and tap dancing for crissakes, when:
Woman: “… It’s obvious that I’ve won”
Man: “You did not win!”
may want to look up the definition of “obvious,” dude.


She said she had been eating spicy food since she was a baby, so she was used to it.

I had a coworker who said the same thing, and could dose up his food with spice something fierce. I like spicy food, but some of his stuff was too much.


And wash your hands carefully before a bathroom break. You don’t want any there either.


No and no. Not for me. I got other things for endorphin kicks. It distracts from the flavor and makes even mild hotness a detraction. For me.


I spent a year flatting with a person who found tomato sauce (i.e., basically just passata) too spicy.

I still refer to it as “The Year Of The Boring Food”


OK - I am not that bad, and can tolerate some spice in like chili or what not.

It depends on the hot sauce. All the extra spicy Thai food I have had while oh wow the heat you could still taste the food and the peppers are a nice addition to the flavor. Then there is THE MAN here in Seattle which is okay but drowns out the flavor of the BBQ.


There was only one professional on display here.


I got some capsaicin on my dick in home ec in high school. I mean, y’know, in the bathroom. So, it could be worse.


I"m with @Mister44 on this one. Having grown up an acid reflux sufferer, anything spicy is too much. That said, I’d eat a plateful of ginger.

Do a Google for Wil Wheaton spicy dick milk and you will be in good company

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That’s my main complaint about hot foods. I can take a reasonable degree of heat and could probably learn to take more but I like to taste the rest of the ingredients, too.


I enjoy spice, but not burning pain. Most intense I’ve had was some chicken vindaloo I got at a local Indian place. I had been doing battle with a cold for about a week, and figured something hot would clear out the sinuses.

It was more like “total cranial meltdown” and I couldn’t finish the dish. Each bite was a fresh footstep into molten magma.