THIS goes with THAT


New game.

THIS goes with THAT.


I… Uh… I need to… go… to… place

*The sound of rapidly retreating footsteps permeates the space, as our hero high-tails it first to Chipotle, then the pharmacy to pick up a bottle of pepto*



Do people really get burning butts from spicy foods? I have never had this happen… and I eat loads of super spicy hot foods. Yet my people come from a small island known for its fog, rain and boiled bland foodstuffs, I feel like I should have this sensation, at least once?


OK, y’allllllll. POST your own THIS goes with THAT. The thread isn’t about Chi-Poodle. It’s about THIS goes with THAT, so, I implore you kindly to post up your own oddball associations.


OK, I have a little personal experiment for you. Do you like jalapeno poppers? I suggest eating about 12 of them, fully stuffed with cheese, baked or fried or whatever, dipped in your favorite sauce. Then wait. You’ll see.


I don’t like them sorry, I don’t like deep fried things so much. Maybe thats it? Not enough grease in my diet? :wink:



Goes with that?


No question marks necessary, dear @Mindysan33. That’s THIS, which goes with THAT. Here, you are free forever from questions, no questions asked.


What about a completely vegan ass-burn? THIS goes with THAT.


You can get with THIS, or you gif with THAT.


Well played.




LOL. Hey, you want THIS, or how about THAT?

Or maybe THIS?


You can blow with this
or you can blow with that


It happens. Especially the really high scoville stuff. I had a fork-prong-tip of “Cool Million” hotsauce that had a rating of 1,000,000 scoville naturally. Transcendent experience both going in and coming out.


This probably goes with That





If you don’t love a dancing Walken you’re dead inside.


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