Feel the heat as YouTubers Tom Scott and Gavin Free brave the spiciest pepper sauces from Hot Ones

Originally published at: Feel the heat as YouTubers Tom Scott and Gavin Free brave the spiciest pepper sauces from Hot Ones | Boing Boing

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Is there anyone who enjoys the hotter end of that collection of sauces for anything but stunts? How big is the market for absurdly hot sauce?

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I guess it depends on how tough one’s palate is.


Video link for the BBS



I’m tired and I misread that as “Tom Scott and Gavin Free brave the socialist pepper sauces …”. Which sounds pretty interesting to me.


They’re good in a different way to how you’d use normal sauces. So some of the ones on the lower end I’d put in a fried egg sandwich or something for the taste. Da Bomb is much more touching the end of a tortilla chip into a small dip pot, and then you get the endorphin rush from the burn (although you can still get good taste from a lot of the extreme ones too). Very, very different pleasures from both.

edit: just saw how much of Da Bomb they put on the chip. NOT THAT MUCH. Jesus.


Having recently had a bout with inflamed backside issues in the tunnel , I’m watching this and imagining the pure agony of what these hot sauces would do upon exiting… Not pleasant.

Nowadays, I’m very discerning about what I ingest . HIHO … Hot In ,Hot Out

Some people have crazy tolerances. Also, very high capsicum ratings can help with managing chronic pain.

Worst/best one I ever had was a private blend from Colombia. It was a green sauce - the trick was, you put a tiny dab on your tongue and watched the jar. For the first 15 seconds or so, you didn’t feel any burn - but the green sauce turned very bright yellow. Then the pain came. We used to put a dab with the tip of a toothpick, but the guy who’s family sent him the sauce would eat spoonfulls.


I have been very lucky. I am not particularly tolerant of spices - I feel the heat. But I’ve travelled in Southeast Asia and had meals with Thai and Malaysian friends at their spice comfort level and managed. But I’ve only ever felt the effects of spice from my mouth to my stomach and never any further. I have no idea what the “ring of fire” effect feels like.

One day, you WILL fuck around, and you WILL find out.

ps. you can’t sooth it with milk, you can’t cool it off, you can’t nothing. Grit your teeth and pray it ends soon.

Maybe? But I’ve lived in Malaysia and Thailand, and I prefer to eat local food wherever I go. Which included some memorable meals that had my entire face numb as a chili side-effect. I’m not tough and manly about chili - I really feel it when I’m eating it - so I suspect I have unusual gut chemistry. If / when that ever changes I’ll find out. :slight_smile:

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