Watch this 12-yr-old boy eat Plutonium (9 Million Scoville) Mad Dog 357 hot sauce

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That wasn’t half as entertaining as the preview image suggested it might be. Presentation and editing needs work.

I love the look on the dad’s face about 1 minute in. You can tell he’s thinking, “Oh God, I think I’ve made a very serious mistake.”

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That was awesome. I love those guys.

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Yeah, that reaction screams “This is worth $100 an ounce” to me.


The original YouTube star of eating hot peppers raw is HomeGrownChiliUK.

Check him eating a full Carolina Reaper.

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Saw a few in a recent reddit thread, this guy is nails.

A local pizzeria does ‘The worlds hottest pizza’ with cooked and raw shredded ghost pepper on it. I would describe consuming a slice like getting repeatedly punched in the mouth by someone who knows how to fight. I wonder if the proprietor has updated his wares to include the newer, hotter peppers.

I have no qualms about admitting to tears but I ate the whole damn thing like a baws. :joy:


Title should be “Watch this 12-yr-old boy drink a big glass of milk.”


I wonder how long till the “think of the children crowd” calls CPS on them.

Ahhhh… the suffering!

I’d hate to clean the bathrooms at their house.


Honestly…what I like about this is its a father and son who are doing this together. Its not a truly harmful or lewd act, they are bonding as father/son and as friends.

Its better than seeing a father son duo who ridicule or harass someone, or act as bullies to someone.


So this is all about waiting to see how long they can go without throwing up?

Not getting it…

I hope you will take it as a compliment when I tell you that you don´t get it because you´re a woman.

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